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Your Personal Invitation to be
Saved and go to Heaven when your life on earth is over!!!
(1) God loves You!!
Romans 5:8, But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
(2) Your Sin (or Disobedience to God) has Separated You from God!!
Romans 5:12,
Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:
(3) Only Jesus-Christ can Forgive Your Sins!!
Acts 4:12, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
(4) Will You Receive Jesus-Christ as Your Lord (or Authority) & Savior (or Rescuer)??
Mark 1:15,
And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

Repent (Through Prayer) Sorrowfully tell God Your a Sinner, willing to turn from Your Sins and trust Jesus-Christ's shedding of Blood and Death on the Cross for Full Payment of Your Sins and will Follow Him.

Did You Pray and Receive Christ?
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Welcome to our Prayer Page
This Ministry continues to grow through the faithful Prayers of our friends.
 Would you allow us the honor of Praying for you.  Submit your prayer below and we will pray for you.
Be Advised that your Prayer Request will be Posted below for others to see so discretion is advised.
 Please pray for us too...May God Bless You.

  •  VERA BANKSTON-JONES |   Father God, Trying is the times, guide me!.......SELAH  Father God,  Welcome is the guidance I receive from You! .....SELAH
  • Ravindra | happy new year 2019 pray for me and the world
  • Am Kingsley  from Ghana  Africa born April 1963but not yet married  life is not well with me no money no good job no children  nothing to write home about and I need His intervention  to succeed in life. Again I need to thank God for  keep me alive through my life even under  all this year's of my unholy and sinful behavior.  Pray for my mother for a good long life full of good health and to my family. I know God will not turn down my request cod I understand where ever you  have that Faith and mental his name Victory shall endure.  God n Bless you all.
  • Danny | pray for my family for sickness and good health and keep my neighbors Mr and Mrs Charles collier ms Betty collier just pass away keep him in prayer
  • SM | Please pray for my both sisters and brothers marriage
  • Geno | Pray for my family to re establish themselves after having lost everything from Hurricane Michael.Also pray for step daughter who has rejected Christianity in favor of witchcraft and has become unpleasant to be around. Pray for daughter who has anti social  disorder
  • VERA BANKSTON-JONES | Father God, Such mix ups are going on in my life and pulling through them is taking it's toll on my being! Guide me through Lord!.......SELAH
  • s. balasubramanian | my date of birth is 21st december, 1967. i am yet to be married. that is, please pray for a good life-partner for me. my mother's date of birth is 15th april, 1932. she is admitted in arunachala old age home due to an operation in february, 2015. kindly pray the almighty that she must be hale and healthy. please pray god that she must witness my marriage soon. she must come to ambasamudram (my native place) and again live with me at the earliest. moreover i don't get a constant job. kindly pray that i must a good job with a decent salary. further please pray for my elder sister, mrs. d. sita rani who is suffering from eye problem (vision related one). I must succeed in my network business also.
  • Mubashar Hussain | please pray for me specialy . i need your prayers  
  •  Patricia Agaba | Prayer for the Lord to make me grow everyday of my life in his word and be forever close to Him . Pray that the Lord make my Children and I live a submissive and obedient life to the Glory of God. Bless you Thank You 
  •  Freddy | Por favor reprenda los aires de mi cuida conforme efeso 6;12
  • VERA BANKSTON-JONES | Father God, Bring the real, and not the fake!.......SELAH
  • Authur Johnson | Marriage and sons
  • Fortune Bellavance | About five months ago my ear started to make banging noises. swooshing. beeping .clikking and it hurts. I could not stand hearing noise , its gotten worse been to doctors .Hearing loss of 10%. We are Evangelists here in Montreal we have a Soulwinning ministry. Hard to go to Church now. I have to put Kleenex in my ear a lot of pain and discomfort. Doctors say could be Tinnitus and Hypercaussin low tolerance for sound. No one is helping me they said good luck. This is awful cannot work any more either . My husband uses his Bluetooth to watch tv. I miss the music I like to listen to. After awhile it hurts my face and my ear, All they did was give me rinse for my sinuses. My quality of life is very poor. believing God for my miracle. need prayer Urgently ! I had surgery not long ago as well this is also hard on me. I still go to Church but have to leave right away, Cannot have visitors for more than two hours. my husband works full time from 7-7 travels by bus 1.5 hours there and back. then he helps me . Every Saturday he goes soulwinning on the streets and in the Subway. We try to go to houses near the church as well. Please pray this goes away the same way it came. There is power in agreement
  • Peggy Mitchell | I need prayer for financial blessings. I am going to lose my house if I don't get one. I also need prayer for myself and a friend. We both have stage four cancer. If it is Gods will for me to go be with Him I am ready. Amen
  • Vijay Aggarwal | Plz pray for me a happy and prosperous life
  • Joseph Ngu | Please Pray for me and ask God to bless me with a faithful wife and pray for prosperity for the year 2019 Amen.
  • Nkehi | Pray for God's protection in my family and Devine favour,grace of God in all my endeavors,  no devourers shall come close to my business this year in Jesus Name Amen
  • Patricia Agaba | Pls Pray for me that the Lord help me to be faithful in Prayers and make it part of me no matter the circumstances I find myself because my Lord liveth I can face tomorrow by Prayers. 
  •  AM | Please pray for my spouce, our childreen and I. May we draw closer to God and grow in faith. Pray for a happy 2019.
  • VERA BANKSTON-JONES | Father God, Thank You for Your Grace, allowing me a 2019! I need You!.......SELAH
  •  SAMUEL | Please remember in your Prayers as the Lord to bless as our family members in this new year.
  • Lina | My friend Nardos is having problem with her husband. He is not believer and they have two children together. After finding out she is pregnant with their third baby he want her to do an abortion because of financial reasons. He promised to send her to her mother's home if she didn't obey him. Pleas pray for her and her husband to have Godly heart and accept her and the new coming child to.
  • Mackay | Keep learning.laughing and never forget life.....amen
  • A. Sampson | Pray for me to good strength and wisdom in the new year.
  • Vijay Aggarwal | Plz pray for me a happy and prosperous life
  • My name is Peggy Mitchell. I need prayer for a friend and myself. We are both battling stage four cancer. I also need prayer that I will be able to keep my house and not lose it. I am really struggling with financial problems 
  • {atrocoa Agabis | ls Pray for my children and I to draw nearer to God and flee from d devil to be saved in Christ Jesus and for God to give us good health, favour, long life nd prosperity in Jesus name Amen. 

  • mickey plegge |  I been sick and have family problems pray for  me
    2019 is upon us, which behind me is gone and I believe Your guidance is forever upon my way! Forgive me Father and keep my being!.......SELAH 
  • Vijay Aggarwal  | plz pray for me a happy and prosperous life  
  • JJ | i am facing always loss and problem . please pray for me .
  • Vijay Aggarwal | Piz pray for me a happy and prosperous life
  • Patricia Agaba | Pls Pray for the Good Lord to build an hedge of protection around my children, give them wisdom of knowing the Lord more nd Grace to follow Christ, good health, long life nd prosperity in Jesus name. Lord have your way in me always and forevermore AMEN. 
  • Azure Joseph | God will supply all your heart desires in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Vijay Aggarwal | plz pray for me a happy and prosperous life 
  • lm | Am an orphan doing diploma in English and civic education, next year is my third year am believing God for $7000

  • Vijay Aggarwal  | Plz pray for me a happy and prosperous life
    Show me the way through it all Lord God!.......SELAH


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